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Celebrating the Life of Howard Rumsey


Reviews of Jazz on the West Coast: The Lighthouse

"The DVD, Jazz On The West Coast: The Lighthouse, has been brilliantly put together by Ken Koenig, who also wrote the absorbing script. The results are both dazzling and professional. Amongst those interviewed on screen are Stan Levey, Milt Bernhart, Bud Shank, Bill Holman and Max Bennett. There are video clips and an incredible number of period photographs, with a separate one hour interview with Rumsey as a bonus."
 Steve Voce, Jazz Journal International, Dec. 2006

"This film fills in the blanks that the Ken Burns' documentary left out."
Paul Pierce, Bass World

"With the release of Ken Koenig’s exhaustive, enlightening, and entertaining DVD history of a SoCal treasure, Jazz on the West Coast: The Lighthouse (RoseKing Productions, 2005), 89 year-old Howard Rumsey returns to the spotlight."
— Rex Butters, All About Jazz

"Ken Koenig has most successfully documented The Lighthouse story by using fascinating photographs, video clips and numerous interviews of many who were there on both sides of the bar. While many of those intimately involved, including musicians and John Levine, have passed on, fortunately Howard Rumsey was able to participate in the film’s making. Ken put this all together with plenty of love and knowledge. This is something that was worth waiting for."
Russ Chase, International Association of Jazz Record Collectors

"The DVD provides perspective on the Lighthouse scene through photos, choice cuts on the virtually continuous soundtrack and interviews with a variety of active participants: photographer William Claxton (responsible for many of the iconic images gracing Pacific Jazz album covers); a former bartender; Ross Levine (John’s son); jazz historians and journalists; and key players such as Shank and Rumsey. Also included are video clips of Shorty Rogers burning down the changes to “Viva Zapata” and a 1962 television spot featuring Rumsey and the boys at full swing."
Tom Greenland, All About Jazz

"Koenig has done a masterful job of conveying the story of a special place and time in jazz. Yes, you learn the facts, but you also hear some of the music and get a real sense of the unique ambience that the Lighthouse provided for the enjoyment of the music that was played there, music that was creative, entertaining and significant. Jazz on the West Coast: The Lighthouse is a love song to this special club and the music that came to life there. I guarantee that you will watch it again and again. It will not only keep calling you back, but will compel you to seek out more of the music that you get a taste of in the film."
Joe Lang, New Jersey Jazz Society

"The DVD features lots of insights from Rumsey himself, interspersed with rare vintage pictures and additional commentary from bartenders, waitresses, musicians and patrons of the famous polynesian-styled jazz bar. Whether you are a student of jazz, or a casually interested music fan, chances are this will be material you've never seen nor heard before, and extremely well worth the 80 minutes of your time!
— Rick Narcisso, Amazon.com

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