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Celebrating the Life of Howard Rumsey


Jazz On The West Coast: The Lighthouse


"This film fills in the blanks that the Ken Burns' documentary left out."
Paul Pierce, Bass World

The renowned Lighthouse Café was the premiere jazz club in the Los Angeles area during the post WW II era of the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Through numerous interviews, archival photos, music and rare video clips, this unique film tells the story of the Lighthouse and two men of very different backgrounds and personalities who brought the club and their band, 'The Lighthouse All-Stars', to the point of gaining world-wide fame. Along the way, major obstacles were overcome to create the club's success. This was the historic beginning of “modern” jazz on the west coast; the birthplace of west coast jazz.

In interviews, original Lighthouse musicians including Bud Shank, Stan Levey, Milt Bernhart, and Howard Rumsey provide a vivid account of the era. They are joined by jazz musicians, fans, jazz critics and a bartender and waitress from the original Lighthouse Café who bring this intriguing story to life.

The film had its World Premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival in April 2005. Since then, the film has shown in more than a dozen international film and jazz festivals, was the featured film at the 2006 Monterey Jazz Festival, and was presented at the 2007 Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

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