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Celebrating the Life of Howard Rumsey


West Coast Jazz Filmmaker Ken Koenig

Articles about Ken

Ken Koenig is lifelong jazz fan, particularly jazz on the west coast in the 1950s. Growing up in Tucson during the 1950s, Ken listened to the Lighthouse All-Stars and other west coast jazz groups on late night radio. At the age of 17, as soon as he got his first car, a 1957 metallic blue Corvette, Ken drove to California and to the Lighthouse.

In preparation for retirement from more than 30 years as a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, Ken decided to make documentary films. He took a class in Digital Media Production at a local community college, and for his first project, he made a feature length film about something he knew and loved, The Lighthouse All-stars. His acquaintance with the musicians who started the Lighthouse and the Lighthouse All-Stars led him to tell the behind-the-scenes story of this world renowned jazz club and the birth of west coast jazz. Ken Burns's recent documentary on Jazz left out much of the significant history of jazz on the west coast including any mention of the Lighthouse Cafe, the center of the west coast jazz movement. He hopes this film will stimulate younger jazz fans to become interested in this era of jazz history.


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